Saturday, September 08, 2007


Can I just say...

I am so incredibly thankful for health insurance!!!

Warren has always made sure that we had insurance - even during law school when my job paid for nothing except our insurance! No matter how bad things have ever been in our life, financially, he has been obsessed with us having health insurance. I think I have a glimmer of understanding now!

Let's just say that having a child in ICU for almost 2 weeks is extremely expensive! I know lots of people who do it for lots longer than we needed to, but the bill for those 2 weeks was enough to shock me!

I had to go fill Matt's prescriptions yesterday. Most of them are not expensive at all. However, one stood out because it had a $50 co-pay. The instructions on the bottle say that he should take this medicine once a day as needed. Because it was so much more than the other's, I was curious about it - maybe there were more pills? When I asked the pharmacist tech how many were in the bottle, she replied 3 (THREE!!!) I then asked why my insurance wasn't covering it and she replied that they had covered $150 of the cost! Hopefully Matt just never throws up (this medication is a very strong anti-nausea/vomiting medicine)!

(who is really not complaining about how expensive things are - again, insurance is WONDERFUL - but who is just expressing her absolute amazement that medical care is so expensive. Worth it, of course, but very expensive!)


Rachael said...


I'm sorry, but i don't know how else to get a hold of you without bothering someone for your phone #! I just want you to know that although we are so far away and unable to visit, my family and I are always thinking of you and your family. I can't even imagine how difficult all of this must be on all of you.

Love, your Cousin,


alligood said...

Thank you for your thoughts and the support of your family. It means a lot! How is Georgia, by the way? I should make Matt a map of where all the people pulling for him live!

Darla said...

Allison, thanks for sharing so much with us- even your surprise about prescriptions. When I was on Zofran for my pregnancy I found that Walgreens wanted to charge me $50 for 9 pills but I shopped around. With my insurance company's help I found Curascript who charged about $10 for 50 pills of the same medicine. I think they have a web site. Maybe you can get your medicines from them. We love you guys! Darla

alligood said...

Ooooooh, Darla, thanks for that tip! He hasn't needed the anti-nausea meds so far, but it is very likely he will need them after the next Chemo. I've just been wondering how $400+ per month for these meds was going to fit into our budget. I didn't think to call my insurance company for advice. Thank you for the idea.

How is Shayla's arm?