Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sweet prayers.

I am so thankful for the faith and steadfastness that I see everyday in my little boys. They continually pray for Matthew. Every morning, mealtime, and evening, whoever is praying asks that Matt can 'feel better' and that his tumor can go away. Last night Will was offering the prayer and he asked that Matt could feel better. Then he went on to ask, in the sweetest and most humble little voice, if Heavenly Father could help Matt's tumor to shrink and asked that, "it might shrink and shrink and get so tiny that it is just gone." That is what we all hope for, stated so eloquently by my barely 7 year old. I believe that the faith of my children is necessary for me to maintain my faith. They teach me lessons everyday. I love them all so much!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Unreasonable people - or good reasons not to fly FRONTIER AIRLINES!

Warren travels quite a bit for his work, and I think he's a pretty savvy traveller. Today he had an experience that was just horrendous! He was supposed to fly out of Midway airport at 8:00 p.m. on FRONTIER AIRLINES. He arrived and attempted to check-in. Apparently, though, he was only 38 minutes early for his flight. FRONTIER's policy is that you must check in 45 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time. Warren was not checking any bags and there was no line for security (and the recording over the airport intercom kept telling travellers to be sure to arrive at their gate at least 20 minutes prior to departure........). He was plenty early - I'm not sure he ever arrives any earlier, but he usually doesn't fly FRONTIER. To top it off, they wouldn't book him on a flight tomorrow unless he paid a $150 change fee plus the difference in the cost of the ticket tomorrow - and there were no flights in the morning. He was treated rudely at the desk by a girl who kept insisting that he should arrive at least 2 hours early for any flight. Then he called them and was even more horrified at how rude they were on the telephone. Apparently, to fly stand-by, you must fly on the same day your ticket is scheduled........ and since Warren was on the last flight of the day they won't let him fly stand-by tomorrow. So, he finally found a flight with Southwest that leaves early tomorrow morning. For only $400, he gets to come home! Lastly, the hotels at Midway airport are all completely booked. He even called the travel agent associated with his firm and they confirmed that there are no hotels at Midway tonight. Apparently, they are full of travellers who attempted, and failed, to fly FRONTIER. I guess he's going to tuck in for the night at the airport. It doesn't seem worth it for him to go all the way back into the city (to sleep on the floor of his office), only to turn around and come back at 4:30 tomorrow morning.

We flew FRONTIER on our last trip to Chicago and had a 4 hour delay (getting us into the airport at 2:00 a.m......... with 5 children), but that was weather related, so I guess understandable (even though other airlines were flying into Denver). Then, on the way back, we tried to change our tickets to extend our trip a day with no success that cost less than $1800.

Between these two experiences, I don't think we will be booking with FRONTIER ever again, even if they are the cheapest!

My apologies to Janiel and Steve for this rant! Steve is our neighbor and a Frontier pilot, but we hear he has nothing to do with the policies or procedures, so we hope he won't be offended!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Now you can see for youself!

We have been wanting to post some MRI pictures from Matt's recent surgery. It has been a bit of a challenge to get all of his MRI's onto a CD. The ladies at the imaging department are fantastic, but I'm not sure they are asked very often to put as many MRI's as Matt's had on a CD. It took us two tries of going in there before we had the scans we needed!

This scan is from the first part of June. After Dr.Walker (the Neurosurgeon) saw these, he felt pretty strongly that we needed to drain the cystic portion of Matt's tumor. It's the big balloon looking portion on the top left of the tumor. You can see how this cyst could make judging the size of the actual tumor a little difficult! The cyst would fill and empty with fluid, constantly changing, and creating quite the challenge for the neuro-radiologists! Also, even though the cyst wasn't as dangerous as the tumor, if it gets too big, it can block ventricles and cause nasty symptoms, as well.

This is the MRI that was just done last week. I believe that why we were so ecstatic is pretty obvious! Even though the surgery turned into more (much more!) than a simple reservoir insertion and draining, the amount of tumor and cyst that was removed is remarkable and it was SO worth it! HOORAY FOR MODERN MEDICINE!!!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Wonderful Will!

Today, Will brought this assignment home. I thought it was so cute! He is becoming more excited about school - becoming a fluent reader was the key. Now he loves to read and it's helping him feel more confident in school. I love that one of his describing words for himself was intelligent - and love the way he spelled it even more!