Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Round TWO tomorrow!

Tomorrow afternoon we have the next big clinic/chemotherapy appointment. They drew his labs today and everything looks good for tomorrow (his counts have to be a certain amount before he can have chemo).

So, wish us luck! I hope it goes as smoothly as it did last month. However, I'm worried that he's going to get pretty sick - and sooner rather than later!



Ben said...

Good luck Matt and Alli! I'll be sure we say some extra prayers for you. We think of you often and we love you.
Jenn and family

JustinFoy said...

I wish you guys the best of luck! Sorry i haven't been able to see you all lately, but I always keep up with your blog and just know I'm always thinking about you guys. :) Hope everything goes well

Burton Family said...

Hey-good luck guys! Hope all goes well!

ktagren said...

Dear Alli,
We're still thinking about you and praying for you guys. Matt's a super trooper! I'm so glad you've got some good help--I bet that takes a load off! Thanks for your blog! (I finally figured out how to post! Duh!)

K said...

I hope that today went well for you guys!

Love you all,