Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh yeah...

We were super cute at Easter, too!!!  :)

Just sayin'!

My 5 month hiatus is over. Maybe. If I'm not too lazy...

The 4 oldest boys went to Camp Hobe again.  Unfortunately, Matt got really sick and had to come home.  :(  It turns out he had gallstones.  We are just glad it was something easy to fix!  Still complicated for Matt, as this surgery is usually an outpatient procedure and he had to spend a few days in ICU, but still, comparatively, easy. 
I had a super-fun girls weekend with these girlies.  We saw WICKED in Boise.  It was amazing!!!  So fabulous!

When we bought our boat we hear over and over the joke about the two best days of a boat owners life: the day they buy the boat and the day they sell it.....  We've now experienced both days.  :)  The boat didn't get used as much as we thought it would, so we sold it to someone who could use it more.
These boys both had birthdays.  Matt turned 13 and Will turned 10.  I LOVE this picture of the two of them collecting fast offerings in the rain.  They are such great kids!!!

And this girl turned 2.  What happened to my baby?? 
We've been pretty addicted to Zeppes Italian Ice/Gelata.  Yum!!!

We got a new niece.  Audrey has been especially enamored with 'Baby Avey' (Avery).

Drew broke his arm on the playground at school.  If you ever want to find the most popular kid in school, just look for the first grader with a new cast.  He was not terribly sad about the extra attention this little 'accident' brought him!
Of course, I was out of town for all the broken arm excitement.  I was in Provo at BYU women's conference with these wonderful ladies.  They both have children with brain tumors, as well.  At one of our classes, we learned this presenter had just lost her son... to a brain tumor.
Isn't he the cutest kid?!?  Seriously!!!
We've been to Lagoon a LOT.  The kids received season passes this year from Grandma and us.  It has been so fun to stop for just a few hours and let the kids play.  Audrey and Jake are especially excited about going.

We hiked the Limber Pine Trail with no kids in backpacks.  Warren's back is especially excited about this milestone. 
Welcome to Utah in July!!!!  :)