Friday, September 07, 2007

Just a quick update

This morning we met with a pediatric endocrinologist at the Utah diabetes center up at the U of U. They mostly wanted to see Matt in clinic so there was a chart on him, and just to check how he was doing. They decided to change up his DDAVP a little bit and also wrote a prescription for a hospital grade digital scale. They want to keep careful track of his weight in Kg. because he has DI, but has completely lost his thirst. The only way we will know he is becoming dehydrated is if he begins losing weight (which will be tricky, since the chemo is also likely to make him lose weight).

Afterwards, we headed straight to Hem/Onc for his transfusion. While there we *finally* got to meet our oncologist! YEA!! Of course, I wasn't expecting to meet her today, so I didn't bring my list of questions! However, we will see her again soon, so I can remember to ask her then. It felt good to talk with his primary doctor. After a short consultation we went back to 'infusion'. Apparently, it is not my imagination - it is strange for platelets to fall so quickly. Because of this, the doctor wants to cut his chemo dose by 15% next time. It's tricky finding what works - you have to have the right dose so the tumor is being affected, but not so high of dose that your counts don't come back up by the next scheduled chemo. They started the transfusion with strict instructions to me to 'watch for anything that seems different'. Many people have allergic reactions to blood products. Well, within 30 minutes of beginning the transfusion, Matt began to shake pretty violently. I called the nurses over and he started to get hives on his face right while they were all standing there. So, we had to stop the transfusion, the doctor had to come right over, and he had to have a pretty hefty dose of Benadryl along with Tylenol. Within 30 minutes the hives had cleared up and the shaking had stopped so they were able to continue the transfusion - slowly. It's crazy that they still have to give you something you are allergic to. The platelets are necessary even though they make him sick! When we finally got out of there Matt was SO tired. He slept all the way home, came home and got into bed, and is still asleep as I am writing this. These treatments are so hard on his body! I hate the fact that we have to make him sick in order to make him well. It is heartbreaking! :-(


Mindy said...


We are praying for your little family. I hope you will have better days to come and that during the next round of chemo things will go better. My Grandmother is having chemo right now and she's diabetic too, it is a very tricky dance! GOOD LUCK!
Brian, Mindy, Kay, and Aubrey Chase

P.S. Since we only have girls and you only have boys (well so far) do you want to try and get one of your boys to marry one of our girls?

Jessie said...

Carol Bruggers is kind of a quiet, strange lady, but the more I got to know her, the more I liked her. She really does care, even though she seems stoic. She's very talented and has good ethics. Also, I liked knowing that she adopted 2 little Chinese girls several years ago, so she does have kids. Anyway,that's all I can tell you about her. But I always liked her. She was EXTREMELY busy, though. So it might stay difficult to keep in touch with her. Tell her hello from me (you may need to mention "the IRB" to remind her where she knows me from).

alligood said...

One of my boys could only dream of being so lucky to marry one of your sweet little girls!

Hmmm.... I think Nate or Drew might be a good match for Kay... :-)

I'll have to tell Dr. Bruggers I know you! I really liked her, but she was so different than I had imagined her to be! I'm not sure what I thought a Neuro-oncologist should look like, but she didn't fit my expectation!