Thursday, September 20, 2007

I knew it was too good to last.....

Matthew went to bed last night very tired, but otherwise well. This morning, he woke me up at 6:30 a.m. saying, "Mom, Will threw up." I went in and, sure enough, Will was covered. We got him cleaned up and the blankets in the wash. Within minutes, Matthew started retching. His stomach was pretty empty so nothing was really coming up, but he was nauseated. As soon as he drank something, though, it came right back up. This worried me because Matt had a dose of the anti-nausea meds (anzemet) right before chemo. and wasn't due for another dose for 6 more hours! Also, he has to skip one dose of DDAVP before chemo because DDAVP concentrates the urine, but during chemo his body needs to flush the chemicals out quickly. If he couldn't keep any fluids down, he couldn't build up the fluids he needs to keep his sodium in check! After a quick call to oncology we got the go ahead to give him the anzemet early. He was still really nauseated all day, and threw up quite a bit this evening. His weight stayed good, though. It has been within the range the endocrinologists want it to stay, so hopefully that means his sodium is staying stable.

This evening I got a call from a friend down the street. My ward is being wonderful and bringing in frozen meals for us to heat when we need a quick dinner. Anyhow, this friend called and asked if she could bring over a dinner for me to freeze. I jokingly said that sounded wonderful, but told her I would probably be putting it in the oven instead of the freezer tonight! She brought the pot pie already cooked and it was delicious! The best part, though, was that Matthew ate FOUR helpings! As he sat down at the table he said, 'Mom, that pot-pie smells SO GOOD.' This is a child who has eaten NOTHING all day long. I tried to make a list with him of foods and drinks that sounded good, and just the conversation made him queasy! The only foods on the list were Handi-Snacks with spreadable cheese (I never buy these, so it's funny that would be something he craved!), and sunflower seeds! How random is that?!? Anyhow, I'm not sure that a dinner has ever been such a blessing. I saved the (very few) leftovers and hopefully that will still sound good to Matt tomorrow. I am so happy that he ate, that it tasted good, and that it has (so far) stayed down. Thanks Stephanie!

So, today has been quite the day! I've done more throw-up laundry today than ever before in my life, and I still have to wash my sheets (of course, Matt was resting in my bed when he got sick this evening.....:-))


Mindy said...


Thank you for keeping up with your blog and keeping us up to date with Matt's treatments. We check your blog every night. We are keeping Matt and your family in our prayers. Good luck with this round of chemo and the up coming baby.

The Chase Family

Anonymous said...

The miracle of the pot pie!
Glad your friend was able to fill that need. Good luck with the laundry. We hope Matt is feeling better! How are the other boys doing with everything? How is Warren - is he able to still get some work done?

Em Russ said...

After my twins were born I was really sick and a pot pie (that someone in my ward brought over) was the best thing I could have ever eaten. Maybe there's just something special about pot pies!

Allison, I knew you were always a trooper, but I can't believe how positive you sound. Maybe you don't feel that way, but it is one of the qualities I have always admired about you. Even with throw up all over you still manage to sound (even if you don't necessarily feel) upbeat!

Hang in there! You're in our thoughts and prayers too!