Sunday, August 16, 2009

A baptism, two birthdays, and a baby blessing!

Last weekend was a bit chaotic in our home!
William turned 8 the end of last month, and in our church that is when children are given the opportunity to be baptized. Will was so excited for this great day. It was also time to bless Audrey and we decided to have both events the same weekend so relatives coming from out of town wouldn't need to come down two weekends in a row. It was only after scheduling everything that I realized Will's baptism day was also Nate and Drews sixth birthday! It was a fabulous weekend though, spent completely together as an extended family.

I can't believe my baby twins are SIX years old! They start Kindergarten the end of this month. Weird!

Will and Warren before changing into their white baptismal clothing.

Will and his display. He chose what he wanted to bring to show about himself and I think the choices are so cute!

Grandpa Ray holding Audrey right before Will's confirmation.

Audrey, after her blessing.

Our family adoring our sweet girl on her special day.

Four generations.