Friday, June 26, 2009

Sweet Sadie

Sweet Sadie Huish became a brain tumor angel this morning. My heart is heavy as I think of her family. They had a truly amazing perspecive and spirit. I learned so much about the way I want to be as a human being as I watched them navigate their trial with so much grace and courage - always doing what was best for their girl. Please pray for them as they go through these next hard days, weeks, months, and years. We love you Sadie! You and your family have been in our families prayers for awhile now. We will continue to pray! Thank you for your example and your bright smile, even during those most difficult of days. You were truly an inspiration to so many people!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

A few pictures of my girl!

I still haven't uploaded the photos from my actual camera yet, but I did get some more with my phone. Audrey is getting so CUTE!! I mean, newborn babies have a certain charm, but for the first few days it's a very scrunchy, squished, splotchy charm! :-) Today I think she's looking a little cuter (is it bad to admit I don't think newborn babies are terribly cute......?)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Our BIG announcement!

I mean, really big. I mean 9.5 lbs. big!!! :-)

Audrey, minutes after birth. Look at that wild hair!!

Yesterday, I was feeling guilty because I was opting for an induction of Miss, "I'm too comfy in here for my own good". She had been measuring small at her 20 week u/s and although a later u/s showed all was well with her growth, I was still convinced she was going to be small. For one, I felt like my belly was a lot smaller than with previous pregnancies, for another, I had only gained 24 lbs., and, previously, I've NEVER gained less than 45.

I came to the hospital at 7:00 this morning. I am VBAC, so the doctor didn't want the Pitocin high at all. He came in about 9:00 and broke my water. By noon, I was in a really great labor pattern and really starting to feel the contractions. I had an amazing nurse who let me move around and was fabulous about getting me things to try. I sat on the birthing ball, walked the halls, used a rocking chair, etc.... Soon after my labor was really going strong, we decided to stop the Pitocin and see if I would stay in labor. At this point I was a 6. Happily, my contractions continued and I discontinued the Pit for the remainder of labor. The rest of labor was spent using a squat bar. I highly recommend this bar that attaches to the bed. It gives you something to hold onto and pull or push against to counter the strength of the contractions. I didn't 'squat' with it at all, but It helped me immensely (and helped Warren's poor fingers, as well!) About 2:00 I began feeling the need to push, the doctor was called, and we began the process of bringing this baby down. Even though I was fully dilated, Audrey was pretty high. Eventually (with a lot of screaming on my part! LOL!) I pushed her out. Her shoulders were pretty stuck, but I DID IT! :-) Once they weighed her, it was clear why she was a little difficult to push out. She was 9 lbs. 8 oz. and 21 inches long!!!! I couldn't believe it! That's 9 oz. bigger than Jake, my largest previous baby.

I am so glad I chose to induce, as I'm not sure I could have delivered a baby who was much bigger! Also, I am thankful I was able to labor without an epidural. I REALLY don't think I could have pushed her out if I was numb from the waist down. It took every bit of my effort and concentration to deliver her!

She is so sweet with black CURLY hair, big chubby cheeks and she already has rolls of fat on her arms and thighs! I'm not convinced she would have ever come out on her own, LOL! She was pretty comfy in there, and obviously eating well!

Audrey, about 8 hours old - she has a BOW although it is blue........ maybe I'll get a pink one tomorrow! :-)