Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sick, sick, sick (but feeling a little better today!)

Thursday and Friday were very sick days for Matt. I am curious to see what his 'usual' response to chemo. will be. They say it takes a few cycles before you know how someone is going to typically respond. If this is a typical response for Matt, I have to say, it hasn't been too bad. (This, of course, coming from someone not actually experiencing it)!

On Friday, after he was still extremely nauseated and throwing up everything he ate or drank, I called Hem/Onc once more to see if we should do anything. Again, dehydration is a huge concern, but for Matt it is even more critical because of his DI that his endocrine panel stay within normal range. They decided that some IV fluids and some IV anti-nausea medications were in order. I had been dreading this exact solution because I thought I would have to go to SLC every time he needed fluid! Hallelujah, though, IV fluids and meds can be given at home! I was so thrilled to hear this! So, Friday night another huge bag of supplies was brought in with 3 different anti-nausea meds, an IV pole, and more saline then I can ever imagine using. A home health nurse also came to show us how to do all this. I was worried when we began, but it is really not that difficult because Matt has a central line. It's just a matter of connecting tubing correctly and adminestering the correct amounts of medication. He went to sleep that night with both Phenergan and Benadryl to help with the nausea, along with IV fluids. Saturday morning, Matt was again extremely nauseated and vomited several times. We gave him the IV Anzemet along with more fluids and he went back to bed. When he woke up, though, that afternoon, he seemed to feel quite a bit better. We actually took him up to the 'Ag-Science' barbecue that they do every year on homecoming. It is fun living in the same town as an Ag school! They had great meats, corn on the cob, yummy onion rings, flavored milks, creamies, and the BEST truffles EVER! They also had a little hayride you took from the parking lot to the barbecue. It was a lot of fun and Matthew has been saying he craves steak. He had 2 steak shish-ka-bobs and had a good time, as well. Last night he slept well and this morning was able to go to church. We did give the Anzemet this morning, as a precaution, but so far he hasn't thrown-up. The Primary program was this morning and I am so glad he was able to participate. All of my boys did so well. They knew their parts and sang most of the songs, and only had to be told to stop wrestling with the children next to them once or twice! :-)

So, there's the update. Tomorrow I am going to be brave and see how he does without the Anzemet. I think the IV medications are the key - he responds very well to them, especially the Anzemet. I'll keep him home from school until I know he won't throw-up without the anti-nausea medications. This week should be crazy since Warren is leaving for Chicago tonight and won't be back for about a week (next Tuesday should be the latest he would return). I'm anxious to see how Matt's counts are on Wednesday. If they are already bad, we could have an interesting week! Have I mentioned that I am so thankful to have Diana here!?!



Burton Family said...

I am so glad that they found something that helps him. I have been so concerned because it had been a few days since you wrote-and I thought maybe he wasn't feeling very well. Hopefully you have gotten passed the worse of it for this session. We think of you and pray for all of you always-You are so awesome-Love you-

Heather S. said...

Oh my. I am so impressed that you are able to keep all the meds straight as well as hooking up an IV bag to a central line and acting like it's no big deal. Matt is so lucky to have you! I check your blog several times a week and Andrew is always anxious to hear the updates. Just know that you have a small Seattle contingency pulling for you!
Good luck on Wendesday.
Heather Parry

alligood said...

Hi Cristy!

So, Heather, I didn't get a chance to respond to you last time you commented. It is really great to hear from you and to know that we have yet another State pulling for Matt! :-) I need to get a map with pins so he can see how far reaching his support network really goes!
I've actually been thinking about your family a lot through this ordeal. I have realized how utterly not-helpful I was when Andrew was going through this same thing - sorry! It's a really helpless feeling when you're on the outside looking in. How is he doing these days?