Tuesday, September 11, 2007

We could star in our own soap opera!

I've never been a big fan of soap operas. However, I can't help but feel a little like we are living one right now! Wouldn't we be a great cast, and a great story on 'General Hospital'?

This morning Matt was energetic and excited for school. So, once again, I was surprised to get a call from Hem/Onc saying that Matt's Hematocrit (red blood cells) was at 24.3..... they transfuse when it falls to 25. They asked how he had been feeling since low Hematocrit causes tiredness, dizziness, pale skin, weakness, etc... I reported that he had felt well that morning. They wanted to talk to the oncologist to see if he wanted to transfuse even though Matt was not symptomatic.

In the meantime, we got Matt's endocrine results back. Everyone started to panic because now Matt's sodium had fallen too low - to 126. They thought that maybe the low sodium was causing the confusion yesterday. So now we have instructions to stop the DDAVP, see if his sodium will right itself, and keep track of his weight.

So, now we are waiting to see what Matt's hematocrit will do. If it falls any further they want him to come in for a transfusion tomorrow. We will also get his sodium drawn and see if that has made any improvement.

Stay tuned for our next episode of:
'Goodworth General Hospital'.



Michelle said...

Could we join the cast!?! I know what you mean! It is crazy that I know about all of the numbers and things you talk about!

I am glad that you have had some good days! We will pray that it continues on that way!

Thanks for the email! Take Care!

Michelle (Mason) Falk

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very difficult balancing act with all his vital stats. You all continue to amaze me. I passed your blog site on to Lisa Boyce today as she just heard your news, and wanted to get the updates.

K said...

We love you and keep praying for your family! Despite the feeling that you are in a soap, you all are doing amazing!

Love always,
The Haderlies