Saturday, September 15, 2007

Our end of week episode looks pretty good!

Thanks for staying tuned for another episode of our very own 'General Hospital.' :-)

So, after peeing out over 100 ounces (in 24 hrs.) when they took Matt off the DDAVP, they (they meaning Endocrinology) panicked again and put him back on the medication with instructions that Matt may NOT go to school until his sodium is stable. The good news is that yesterday, after drinking 100 ounces to make up for the SIX pounds he lost in one day, his sodium was good at 145. Today we were able to maintain the weight and sodium level at 142. YEA!!! Now, we've just got to hope this schedule of keeping his weight at a certain level and his 'input' and 'output' at a certain level, will stabilize his sodium long-term.

Also, his hematocrit has come back up into the 'low-normal' range and he didn't end up needing to be transfused. I am glad for that! I want to avoid blood-products as much as possible because of his allergic reaction last time. I know that they will be a necessary evil, but I worry that his reactions will become more severe with repeated exposure. Hopefully, he won't be needing them too regularly! His other counts are also slowly coming up. They have to be a certain level for him to receive chemo, and I believe that today they were all within the range they need to be for him to receive his next treatment.

Today I also went to the obstetrician to check on this sweet baby. I'm 32 weeks and all is looking good! No cervical change from last time - whew! I was really worried that pre-term labor was beginning and that I might be put on bed rest. At this point, unless something happens in the next 2 weeks, I think I've avoided that scenario. I want to hold this little one in for as long as possible, and I know that each week the risks associated with delivering a premature baby go down. I delivered 35 weekers last time, so if I can keep from delivering before then, I'll at least know what to expect!

This next week is a busy one! Matt goes in on Wednesday for his 2nd round of chemo. I am anxious to see how he reacts. He also goes in for audio grams before each round of chemo. I'm hoping that there has been no damage to his hearing from the chemo. Wish us luck this week!



Burton Family said...

I am so glad that everything is looking better again!! And with the new one not yet here! Good luck next week-Give him a great big hug for us-you don't have to tell him its from us (he probably would be like "who"?)-but we feel like giving him one! So just give one extra this weekend!! We love you all-and continue to pray for you constantly!

Katie said...

I hope things go really well this next week for Matt...and that your new baby stays put for a month or two!