Saturday, August 18, 2007

Treatment plan

Yesterday the 'tumor board' at Primary Children's met to discuss Matt. They determined that he would begin Chemotherapy right away. He has a 60 week treatment plan which will entail cycles of 6 weeks of Chemo, then 4 weeks of 'maintenance Chemo' that they call a rest period. During this time they will re-evaluate the treatment and see how the tumors are responding. He will be on 3 drugs, which of course I can't remember. (Carbo-something, Vinc-something, and a pill that starts with 'T'). We just spoke with the Oncologist on the telephone. We will meet to discuss things more in-depth this week. I also spoke with the doctor briefly about Matt's school (he will need a home-bound teacher this year, although he may be able to attend school during brief periods when everything looks well). I also asked about our dog. I have been worried that we would need to find Aspen a new home. The doctor said that he would tell us 'no' if we were going to GET a new dog, but since Aspen already lives here, she can stay. The doctor said it would probably be more traumatic for Matt if we had to get rid of Aspen. So, I'm not quite sure how we will take care of her - she will probably be in the kennel a lot this year, but at least she can remain part of our family!

This week, we will also be taking Matt down for a minor surgery to get a Broviac catheter placed. This is the line through which he will receive his Chemotherapy. Then, the doc said, a day or two later he would begin Chemo.

So, we have a crazy-full week with 1 surgery, the first day of school for Matt and Will (if Matt feels well enough, we hope he can go for the first day to at least meet his teacher and other kids in his class), and the first day of Chemotherapy.

Are we ready for this?

I'm not so sure.......!


funlearning said...

You'll do great with all this. You can handle it. It will take time to get used to but you'll pull through.

p.s. I got your site from the pediatric brain tumor board.

Burton Family said...

I am sure that this will be tough, but you guys are all so strong,(even if sometimes you feel week, which should be expected), you will be able to get through this. At least there is a plan-so action is being taken. That is probably a comfort. You are still all in our thoughts and prayers constantly. We wish that there was something that we could do to help. We love you.

Jessie said...

Wow, what a lot to worry about. Like having 4 boys and a baby on the way isn't enough - then you moved, then MATT, then Will's school, and on and on. You amaze me.
I heard some of the high school pals are getting together at the park in a couple days. I'm jealous and wish I could be there. I'm sending love your way. Please pass it around to Rachelle, Heidi, Anna, Erin, Deanne, Leah - and the gang.
I love you and we pray often for Matt, doctors, you guys, etc.
What an amazing journal this blog will be!

Katie said...

We're still praying over here, too. I hope that having a sense of direction for Matt's treatment gives you some comfort.

Joe said...

My wife just had her gall bladder removed and we ran into the same thing... "Be here at 10am, SHARP!" then nothing until around 2pm...

It must be OR's in general...

Perhaps we can try and bill them for our time, just like they bill us for theirs... ;)

Glad to hear you're still hanging in there!