Saturday, August 11, 2007


Yesterday we learned the pathology of Matthew's tumor. Matt has a Pilomyxoid Astrocytoma. The doctor thinks it is a medium grade (so not slow growing, like we had hoped, but not the most aggressive) tumor. Right now we are waiting to speak with Oncology (we will probably hear from them Monday). They will help determine what will be the best course of treatment. After we speak with them we are anxious to begin the search for the group that can give us a second opinion. I am hoping that the two opinions concur on diagnoses and treatment, because I want him to receive his treatment here in SLC. I really like this hospital and am very impressed so far with the doctors. Of course, we will take him wherever we need to if we feel he can get better treatment, but this feels like a good place for him.

Matt is healing well from the surgery. The drain came out yesterday and it is nice to see one less tube hooked up to him. He still doesn't react very well to the steroids but they are a necessary evil for a little while longer. He has a pretty wicked headache, which is to be expected! Overall he looks and feels very well. Dr. Walker ordered another MRI this morning of Matt's brain and spine. They got good pictures of his brain, but they tried to sedate him for the spine (he tries to hold still, but the steroids make him very shaky!) He again fought the techs when he was sedated and they weren't able to get the pictures they needed. He shouted at them (and Warren, who was helping):
"I demand to be released!!!" :-) Personally, I like to see the fight in him - I think it's a good sign!
We are anxious to see whether or not the tumor has truly seeded into the spine or if what was showing up on the MRI might be blood. I am frustrated that we have to wait until Monday to see that answer! They think they will put him under General Anesthesia on Monday so they can get MRI's where he is perfectly still.

His night went well. My mom (a.k.a. 'Grandma Julie') stayed all night with him last night and he slept very well. After 8 straight days of being here at the hospital, Warren and I needed a full night's rest. We booked a room at the 'Little America' and when we arrived were told our room had been given away. They had moved our reservation across the street to the 'Grand America' - the only 5 star hotel in Salt Lake! It was such a wonderful break. We showered, ordered room service, and were in bed by 9:00. It was fantastic to sleep for a good 10 hours straight. Now I feel ready to face several more days in the hospital.



Katie said...

Thanks for the update! I'm praying for you guys. THere is a lot of concern for you over at TS---We'll be sending a little package for you and Matt soon. You're in our prayers.

Dianne said...

Hi Alli! Thanks soo much for keeping your blog updated during this difficult time. We appreciate you continuing to let us know how things are going. You and your family are in my thoughts!!