Saturday, August 18, 2007

Kennel Kindness

The day we found out about Matt's tumor, I truly wasn't thinking about the dog... In fact, I completely forgot that she was in the crate in the garage until we had almost arrived in Salt Lake to meet the Neurosurgeons. I called my SIL, who also had my boys and sheepishly told her I forgot the dog. I asked if they could pick Aspen up and take her to the kennel that we use in Brigham City. So, the next day, with no notice, my BIL arrived at the kennel, explained the situation, and told Phylene (the owner) that Aspen needed to stay and he had no idea how long it would be.

Well, this afternoon we finally got down to Brigham City to pick up the dog. We owed the kennel at least $200 - Aspen had been there for several weeks!


It's funny how acts of kindness of this sort are the things that make me 'lose it'. I had tears running down my face when I thought of this kind thing she had done for our family. We are trying to figure out some sort of donation we can make to help her out. If anyone has any ideas of something a kennel owner would appreciate (besides lots of dog food - we already thought of that :-)) please let us know!

And, I think I have to put a plug here in my blog for Ellie's Pet Hotel and Phylene, the kind owner who wouldn't take our money. She is truly THE BEST (and we thought that before she was so nice to us!) Her dog grooming is impeccable, she is so kind to all the animals, she is very knowledgeable, and her facility is clean and well-managed. I can't say enough good things about this place. Check out the theme rooms! :-)

So, next time you need a place to board any type of pet, check the place out. We feel like it's worth the 30 minute drive from Logan!


funlearning said...

That is so awesome! It's times like these that tend to bring out the best in some people. I remember when Kelsey's last stitches came out of her head from her tumor removal, I took her to get her hair cut so the shaved parts wouldn't be so noticable. After the cut the stylist refused to charge us for it. I made me cry. It made me realize people love to help however they can.

Katie said...

That is so sweet of them! It looks like they have a really fun place to take your pooch!

Heather S. said...

Hi Allison-
This is Heather Parry. Emily Curtis sent me a link to your blog. Holy cow. I don't think you need to hear me ramble on about how unbelievable your life is right now, but know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and I am reading every day to see how things are going for you guys. I just read your post for today and I have an idea for your dog lady. It's a web site called and it has all kinds of gifts for people who love dogs. I particularly like the note cards, which would make a thoughtful gift. Just a thought. Good luck with all you have going on this week!

Karen and Lew said...

I am glad you guys have a dog. Medical professionals are now learning what the ancient Greeks knew: dogs speed the healing process. Aspen will provide comfort and joy for Matt and the boys. She won't mind having to go to the kennel now and then. Maybe there's some teenagers in your ward who can help with dog walking and occasional dog sitting.

Ben said...

Wow, people are so giving. It can be very touching. Ben's Christmas was donated while we were in Richmond for 2 months. It meant so much that someone would do that for us. Glad you got some of that kindness too.
One idea for your dog care, besides wonderful Phylene, is your ward's troop. There is a pets merit badge, as well as a dog care merit badge. In addition, the youth need service hours for personal progress and Duty to God. Chat with your scoutmaster to see if there is a young man who could use something like this. A quorum might even want to work on this together.
Thanks for keeping up your blog. We pray daily for you.

Tori :) said...

This post made me cry. There really are nice people out there!!