Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hard Day

Today was a little bit difficult for Matt. Interestingly, the 8 inch gash in his head wasn't causing the least bit of problem. Tylenol has been keeping that pain at bay pretty well. The other medications, especially the steroids, are much more difficult to deal with. They are important to keep the swelling in the brain minimized, but they cause all sorts of nasty side effects. Today, Matthew was so shaky. It was very severe and had me panicked. The only way to describe it is the uncontrollable shaking of someone having a seizure. However, since he was awake, it was not a seizure (in any event, a seizure isn't something that would be outside the range of 'normal' behavior after brain surgery). He was just shaking uncontrollably and sweating profusely. We changed his sheets multiple times. We were finally able to get him a sedative that relaxed his legs and body enough that he could get some rest. He fell asleep the very second the medicine was completely in his system. The rest of the evening he rested calmly.

I am suprised at all he is doing this soon after surgery. He is getting up to use the restroom (with LOTS of support, but walking), he is alert and talking to us, and after building up to it all day, he was allowed to eat a soft dinner. I am convinced that plain noodles have never tasted better to anyone!

No news on the biopsy, yet. I learned today that pathology reports are a bit more like art than science. I guess I imagined them sending a bit of the tumor through a machine and the diagnoses for what it was popping up on the screen! Apparently it is much more looking and testing and talking among other pathologists. Hopefully, they will put their heads together soon and figure out what is in my baby!


Karen and Lew said...

Allison, we miss and love all of you guys. We are praying for your whole family, including New Goodworth. On the bright side, going on the assumption that Matthew had his head shaved for the surgery, at last Lew knows someone who is as bald as he is.

--Karen and Lew

alligood said...

Karen! You make me laugh. We did have them shave his entire head for the surgery - it seemed sort of pointless to have short tufts of hair sticking up amidst the blood and guck! I'll be sure to tell Matt he's not alone. I also think I'll post a picture in a few days - when the drain is gone and the stitches look a bit better.