Friday, August 10, 2007

Hopeful??? News...

Last night Matt was able to sleep well. He woke up very alert and ate a BIG breakfast. His fluid levels keep doing funny things that get everyone worked up - this is normal, they tell me, after surgery around the hypothalamus. We have to keep correcting medication for his sodium levels being too high, then too low. Last night something else was high (calcium, maybe...? I really should keep better track of these things)! Anyhow, this morning everything is looking good again on the labs.

Dr. Walker came in this morning and they are going to take the drain out (yea!) They are also going to start to taper him off of the steroids which I think will help a lot with the shaking and sweating. Also, he thinks we might have a diagnoses from Pathology this afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed for us! On the one hand, it's like waiting for a bomb to drop, but on the other hand, the not knowing exactly what it is could drive me crazy! We can't start getting rid of it if we don't know what it is! Also, Dr. Walker talked a little bit about how he is beginning to wonder if the 'tumors' he saw in the spine might have been dried blood. I'm not exactly sure what the implications of blood clots in the spine might be, but it surely must be better than tumors!!!

Here is Matt shortly after getting his drain out.

Hopefully in my evening update we'll have some sort of (even tentative) diagnoses!



Emily said...

Just wanted you to know that your Boston friends are thinking about you and worrying about Matt. You are all in our prayers! Thanks for the updates.
Emily Russ

Slim Pickins said...

We're thinking of you and praying for your family as you await the news. Thank-you so much for taking the time to keep us updated on your blog, we are all pulling for Matt and your beautiful family.
Love, Jeremiah & Courtney Nielson

Katie said...

Waiting for the updates...I pray that it's good news.