Thursday, August 16, 2007

Really antsy!

So, on the one hand it is nice to be home. Our family is enjoying being together and feeling sort of 'normal'. However, I can't think of a more helpless feeling then that of being home doing NOTHING when I know this tumor is growing in my baby everyday! It's difficult to get started doing anything (errands, etc...) because it feels so strange to not be focused on Matt's treatment. In due time (hopefully tomorrow... ;-)) we will talk about the treatment plan, review the second opinion and get this show on the road. Today, I just couldn't sit around, though. I started calling the hospital to talk to those who could help me gather the information John's Hopkins has requested for the second opinion. I talked to four helpful ladies, in four separate departments, and I just knew that I could NOT wait around for the stuff to arrive in the mail. So, since Matt was having another great day (no headache again, and he seems to be remembering stuff today (yea!)) I decided that I would drive to SLC to pick up the records I needed. The 3 hour round trip drive was worth it because I now have everything I need to send in my hot little hands. Besides, looking over his records - especially the operative report - was fascinating! The only thing that may take a little bit of time are the copies of the slides from the pathology department. The gal there said it takes a few days to 'cut' them and that if Johns Hopkins would request them, she would send them directly there. Hopefully that doesn't hold us up too much. While there, I also had the Neurosurgery nurse take out all of Matt's 35 stitches.

In other news, we received a surprise visit from Will's teacher from last year. I have been debating where Will should be this year. I was considering putting him in Kindergarten again because last year was a total bust for him.

First of all, he had hernia surgery which kept him out of school for 2 weeks.
Second, he broke his elbow and was in a full shoulder to wrist cast for 3 months.
Third, we moved and he was out of school for several weeks while we found a house.
Fourth, he started a new school with a very different curriculum from what we left.
Fifth, he is one of the youngest kids in his grade since his birthday is the very end of July (cutoff is September 1st).
Sixth, he is his own little person and while he is incredibly bright, he tends to do things about 6 months later than my other kids. This is not a big deal at all, but all milestones have followed this pattern for Will. So, being the youngest child in the grade just doesn't feel like the best fit for him.

So, all of these things combined with Will's personality had me really feeling strongly that he could use a good full year of Kindergarten. I had been thinking about it all summer, and his teacher and I were set to speak in August about what we would do. When we found out about Matt's tumor, though, I immediately felt like a nurturing Kindergarten environment with a teacher he was already comfortable with was the right choice for Will.

Well, his teacher stopped by last night and we discussed options. She is so wonderful! I think we've come to a good conclusion about what will work this next year. William will go to Kindergarten in the morning (K is just 1/2 day here), then he is going to go to first grade during the 2nd half of the day. That way, he gets the K curriculum for reading and writing and math, but still gets to go to 1st grade for the 'extra' stuff and lunch. Then next year he will transition into full first grade (unless he just shoots off academically this year, then they will put him into 2nd grade). I just cannot tell you how good I feel about this scenario for Will. I think it will be the best of both worlds, and he can go to school for a full day, which I believe will be good for him. I am just overwhelmed at how supportive and kind everyone is!



Dianne said...

Aren't great teachers and school systems the best? I am glad to hear the decision you reached together is soo perfect!

Logan huh? I used to work for a company that is in Logan (they manufacture medical equipment).

Hope today is another great day, glad to hear some of his memory is coming back. I will eagerly be checking in to see what treatment is in the future.

Thanks again for keeping us updated! Wish we could be there in person to support you but please know you have people all over who are thinking of you!

Burton Family said...

Thanks so much for all of the updates! It sounds like he is doing really great! You guys are awesome!

K said...

We love you all! Hopefully, we can get down soon to see you all.

Karen and Lew said...

I am glad that there is a lull in the storm. Clan Goodworth can use a little downtime before the next big adventure.

We are praying for all you guys! :)

Katie said...

Sounds like an excellent plan for everyone! I'm glad that the school and teachers are so willing to work with your family.