Thursday, October 26, 2006

What's up with snide people???

I struggle to correct people when I should correct them! Because of this, I am always completely awe-struck at people who feel the need to chastise and correct others with no authority to do so.

Today I had another chance to go into Will's classroom to help with LRC time. As I was upstairs getting my shoes on to leave, Drew threw up. He wasn't 'sick', just seems to be following a trend of random throwing up that our family currently has! So, I was running a few minutes slow because I had to get him and the floor cleaned up. I was pretty thrilled with myself, though, because I made it to the classroom quickly. I signed in at the office at 8:32, and was in the classroom by 8:35 (I was supposed to be there at 8:30).

After I took the first group of kids down to the LRC, I was in the classroom waiting for the next group of children to line up and the classroom AIDE came over to me and says, with raised eyebrows:

"Our library time begins at 8:30. . ."
The tone of her voice was so snide, I was taken aback!
I felt like saying, "Oh, I THOUGHT it began at 8:35 - thank you so much for letting me know!"

Besides being a rude thing to say, in my opinion, I think that the TEACHER should be talking to parents about things like that, NOT the aide! I wonder what Will's teacher would say if she knew her classroom aide was belittiling her parent volunteers?!?

I completely agree that I need to be on time. I have always been early up to this point. I just wonder if it threw the classroom morning schedule off by THAT much???

And I am mostly just struck by the nerve of some people!

This is one of my very favorite quotes:

"Should you notice that another person is extremely tall, or overweight, eats too much, or declines convival drinks, ought to be married, ought not to be pregnant - see if you can refrain from bringing these astonishing observations to that persons attention".
-Judith Martin

So. . . someone who is 5 minutes late does NOT need it pointed out to her!

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Gina said...

What she should have said was, "Is everything okay?" Or "Thanks for making it! We appreciate your help so much!"

Sorry you had a bad morning... ICK!

Awesome quote!