Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ready. . . . ., Set. . . . ., Go!!!

I have so enjoyed Nate and Drew since they have turned 3! What a difference a year makes. Two year old twins were one of the greatest challenges of my life. Although they were darling, two toddlers who have a hard time listening and absolutely no fear create a lot of work for mom - just to keep them alive!

Now, though, they play together all day long. They seldom fight. They ask for one another all the time, and are just pleasant little people.

One of my favorite new skills is them riding their bikes. We walk up to the bus stop at the corner of our street three times each day (the morning bus, the afternoon kindergarten bus, and the later afternoon bus for Matt). Each time we are getting ready, Nate and Drew beg to ride their bikes. They have these two little tricycles and it is so cute to see them race down the sidewalk. They have matching helmets, and with their heads leaning toward their handlebars (everyone knows that leaning forward makes you go faster), they are so cute! Andrew can go a bit faster than Nathan, so he will stop, wait for Nate to catch up and then say, "one, two, three four, five, six seben!" For some reason, 7 is the number that means, "GO!" Then they take off - only for Drew to get a little bit ahead, wait for Nate, and start the whole routine again. We also have an extra seat that turns one of the trike's into a 'two-seater.' I need to get a picture of them on that! But here are two photos of them riding up to the bus stop on their seperate little bikes - sorry the photos turned out a bit blurry!

Waiting for slow-poke mom, so we can cross the street.

Racing away - Will at the top of the sidewalk, Drew in front of Nate.

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Katie said...

I don't know how I missed this post till now, but my goodness, it gives me such hope! Yay!