Saturday, November 04, 2006

Happy (belated) Halloween!

I can't believe Halloween was 5 days ago already! We had a great day. Halloween ranks a close second to Christmas at our house, so it is a BIG deal. In fact, Matt has already started planning his costume for next year. Hey, there are only 360 days left to get it ready!

Nate and Drew finally "got" Halloween this year. Last year, they loved getting the candy, but they would stop after every house and wanted to eat the candy. This year they could keep up with their big brothers, and they loved coming home and examining their loot. Originally, I had thought that one of them could be Buzz Lightyear and the other could be Woody. However, in anticipation of 'Woody' being less than thrilled with his costume, I actually purchased two Buzz costumes and one Woody costume. I'm sure glad I did because when I tried the Woody costume on Nate, he was pretty disappointed. He kept looking at Drew's Buzz costume and then looking down forlornly at his own. I asked him if he would rather be Buzz and he said, "yes." When I pulled the second Buzz costume out of the bag, his eyes just lit up. Apparently, a fake gun and cowboy hat can't compete with a fake lazer! So, here they are:

Double Buzzzzzzzzzz!

Matt and Will chose their costumes. Matt, after much speculation and changing of his mind, finally settled on being a 'Ninja.' William very quickly decided he wanted to be a 'Ninja Turtle.' I enjoyed watching them parade around their schools. I also got to go into Matt's class to help with his party. It was so fun!

Will as a Ninja turtle, Matt as a Ninja!

We have a few fun Halloween traditions. One is the carving of our Jack-O-Lantern. I think it's funny this tradition is so highly anticipated because not one of the boys will touch the insides of the pumpkin! They just end up watching Warren do the whole thing, but they enjoy it and look forward to it all the same.

This year's creation!

Our second big tradition is our 'Spooky supper.' Last year, on a whim I made a simple dinner using favorite foods along with copious amounts of food coloring. I created a little menu out of cardstock and then burned around the edges so it would look 'extra spooky.' We ate the same thing this year. We had:

"Witches Hair" = Spaghetti noodles died green
"Worm Guts" = Spaghetti sauce
"Baby Birdie Brains" = Peas
"Eyeballs of Newt" = Pineapple tidbits tinted blue
"Crispy gnome fingers" = Pretzel sticks or crispy breadsticks
"Sparkling Bat Drool" = Ginger ale mixed with juice, or Grape soda

We eat by candlelight on black plates and the boys just love it! I will really miss these little traditions when the boys get too old for them. For now, though, they are a lot of fun!

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Katie said...

That sounds so fun! I love the menu!