Sunday, October 08, 2006

A real life date!

Warren has had a heck of a month this month. Work has been just crazy for him! Last week was the worst yet! He billed 92 (NINETY-TWO!!!) hours. I think it is probably the worst week, hours wise, that he has had.

Today, though, was such a fabulous Saturday! For one thing the weather was perfect. One of those crisp fall days where a light long sleeve shirt is perfect. The sun was bright and it was just a glorious day. This morning we went to get bagels as a family and we ate them outside of Einstein's. Then I did a few things downtown while Warren went with the boys and the dog on a nice long walk. Will had a soccer game this afternoon and after the game Warren and I went on a DATE! We wanted to attend a session at the Temple. As we were hurrying there, I told Warren the wrong direction (I was just SURE you took the 94, rather than stay on the 294 - I'm hoping for a GPS for Christmas......). Anyhow, we ended up in bumper to bumper traffic for AGES with no way to get back to the correct freeway! Finally, after some fancy map-navigation on my part :-) we arrived at the Temple. We hit the 6:00 session instead of the 5:00, but it gave us an extra hour to talk in the car, so it all turned out just fine. I feel recharged and calm - I love the way the Temple does that for me. As I was sitting in the Temple, all I could think about was how good it felt to sit in a QUIET and CLEAN room! With our four wild little men, that is a rare occurance in itself! After our session we went out to dinner to Claim Jumpers. It was a great date!

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