Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The end of an era - the being embarassed about our yard era.

It's DONE!!! The landscaping is done. I am fully amazed at how quickly 4 men who have the correct tools and know what they are doing can do a job that would take us weeks and weeks to do. In 1/2 a day all the flower beds were evened out, a large ugly arborvitae was removed, a small retaining wall was built, our lawn was evened out and seeded, and perhaps 25 plants were planted. Everything was mulched, and our two downspouts in the front were buried. It looks so much better! Here are some photos:
Here we have a hydrangea on the right, 3 shrub roses in front of the boxwood and a dwarf Korean lilac bush on the left.

This Rose of Sharon, with daylillies underneath replaced this ENORMOUS, spidery arborvitae - it was about 5 feet around - YUCK!

This photo shows the new retaining wall, with boxwoods on the top level. Underneath we have a vibernum, a brand spanking new ROCK, 5 minuet weigelia's, and several hostas underneath the birch tree.

Here is the full view!
I am hoping that tomorrow I can find some time to go get some mums to add some color to our fall landscape. I just think it looks so much better! Yea!!!

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Katie said...

What a charming house! The landscaping looks great! Do you have a "before" picture?