Sunday, October 08, 2006

Our families affect on Sacrament meeting

Today, because Matt was sick, and Will is just getting over being sick, our family decided to take a sick day. Everyone stayed home from church and rested. I just got a call from Warren's cousin, who is in another ward that attends in our building at the same time as our ward. She was just gushing about our Ward's sacrament meeting. She heard it because she was in the mother's lounge nursing her baby during our sacrament. I guess the Spirit was so strong and people came out of the meeting crying, etc.... Apparently, for our ward to have an extremely spiritual testimony meeting experience, our noisy little boys just need to stay home! :-)

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Katie said...

Of course your family doesn't get to regulate the entire spiritual temperature of the meeting! It just stinks that you had to miss a good one. I hope you're all feeling better.