Sunday, October 15, 2006

Freezing on the Yuppie farm

You might think from the title of this post that our family visited a farm whereon some enterprising farmer was raising Yuppies. Actually, it is about our family (being a Yuppie family - see overpriced outerwear below) spending $50 to visit a 'farm.' Not only were the requisite overpriced apples and pumpking present (yes, every year we pay twice as much as the grocery store charges to do the work of picking our own fruit), but there was also a petting zoo, an 'amazing maze of maize', a tricycle tractor racetrack and a giant sandbox filled with dried corn.

I think part of the reason we think this tradition is so funny is that Warren grew up as (sort of) a country boy! He was raised in Idaho. Although his family didn't farm, you just can't grow up in Idaho without a bit of Idaho sticking with you! He got out of school for potato harvest and the first day of deer hunting season! As Warren is fond of saying (usually whenever he backs a trailer into a tight space, or builds a potato gun, or guts a fish),

"You can take the boy out of Idaho, but you can't take Idaho out of the boy!"

So this is our way of bringing a little bit of 'Idaho' to our boys - only without any mountains, or any potatoes, or any true crops, and with lots of Volvo wagons and minivans in the parking lot. :-)

Andrew, inside a little hay bale maze.

Matthew in the petting zoo. He coaxed this little calf out from behind the shed.

William and Gracie feed a goat.

Andrew on the tricycle tractor track.

Nathan 'driving' his tractor.

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