Friday, October 05, 2007

One benefit (???) to having a child with a brain tumor...

The other day there was a message from my boys elementary school telling me that they were due for an immunization. I wasn't sure whether or not a child receiving chemo. can get immunized because of their compromised immunity. I called Hem/Onc to ask them and found out that Matt may not have any immunizations, but that once he has been out of treatment for 6 months he can resume his immunizations where he left off. From there we spoke a bit about flu shots. Apparently these are okay and Hem/Onc wants all of their children receiving chemo., along with all family members to receive one.

So, after I hung up with the hospital, I called the pediatricians office. When I asked about flu shots the gal said they would begin giving them on Nov. 1. When I asked if our whole family could come in at the same time to receive one, and explained that Matt was on chemo. so we all needed one, she told me to hold on a minute, she had heard that there was a possibility the shots might be available Oct. 15th. When she came back on the line she said that our family could come in any time. :-) So, next week we are all going to go in and get our flu shots. It's just amazing that impossible things are made possible instantaneously when you mention the words 'chemotherapy' or 'brain tumor' or 'cancer'. I have found people in the medical community to be especially compassionate when they find out we have a very sick child. I try to not abuse the situation, but it's funny when something happens to be mentioned, how quickly people respond!

Matt's great again today. Hopefully this will keep up!

Now I'm off to start sorting the mountain of medical bills we suddenly have. The sheer volume of paperwork for each procedure is overwhelming! There is a bill, then an itemized statement of services received, and an explaination of benefits from the insurance company. These all, of course, come seperately and need to be matched up to figure out what we actually owe! I'm going to make an excel spreadsheet to try and keep everything straight. Man, I wish I would have persued a degree in accounting!



Ben said...

It is amazing how things work differently when you have a chronically ill child. We have been touched by all of the kind things others have done for us. Ben just got released on Friday from a 9 day hospital stay. We received much kindness, and sometimes there are a few perks too. You are doing an amazing job. Keep up the good work, and hang in there. Still praying for you and your family.

alligood said...

I am so sorrry to hear about Ben being in the hospital! I haven't spoke to Katie in awhile and didn't hear he had been admitted. I hope everything is getting better now!