Tuesday, October 02, 2007

More good days to report!

I can't believe how well Matthew has been doing these past few days. He felt so well over the weekend that I allowed him to go to school for a full day yesterday. He did so well, even coming home and actually doing his homework! Today he also felt well enough to go to school for the entire day and I was happy to let him.

We are getting good reports from school, as well. Last night his teacher called me to ask a question and mentioned that he had memorized a fable that the class had been working on. Apparently, once a month or so, the children all focus on memorizing something. This fable was probably 1/2 a page long in small type. Matthew passed it off in class and when I asked him about it last night, he was able to recite it to me. I almost started crying - that is such a change from his severe memory issues! I am thrilled with the progress we are seeing and I am anxious for his re-evaluation from the Neuro-psychologist (6 months to 1 year from his first eval.) I think it will show pretty significant improvement.

On Saturday I took Matt to Sam's club and as we were leaving he asked me a question. I didn't know the answer so I replied, "I can't remember." He quickly exclaimed, "Mom, THAT'S MY LINE." :-) He's been a funny, happy kid these past few days.


P.S. I think I am 'nesting'. I have felt obsessed with getting all of my closets in order. I bought a label maker and pretty much everything in my life is currently being labeled. :-) My mom came this weekend and she and I got all the boys clothes sorted, weeded out anything that didn't fit, and put everything into baskets with LABELS. I am thrilled with this little bit of control I have over my life right now. I just need to get my own closet done - in anticipation of wearing my regular clothes, and then I will feel closer to ready for this baby. I should take pictures and post them - you all would be so proud of me! :-)

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K said...

Wahoo! Go Matt! It is so nice to hear that he is doing better - every little bit counts! We will keep praying!

Congrats on the label maker and the nesting! Labeling makes everything great!

Love you all, Kristin