Wednesday, October 10, 2007

And the numbers are IN!!!

We got Matt's blood counts back this afternoon and, really, things could not look better. Everything that is supposed to be going up is going up, and everything that is supposed to be going down is going down. :-) It's just so strange that last month, we were at Primaries 2-3 times per week - literally! Matt had some strange things with his blood counts and endocrine panel and he needed a transfusion. This month.....nothing. Everything has looked fantastic from the first blood draw. He still feels wonderful, his sodium is staying stable, and his immune system still seems to be functioning normally.

So, my concern, as was raised last week is:

What the heck is the chemo. doing if it's not making him feel crummy and have crazy blood counts?!?

(I expect each of you to remind me of this whine when things do get crazy, and I'm complaining that he's too sick!) :-)



Katie said...


EmilyCC said...

Glad to hear things are going so well!

And, I'm amazed at how well you keep this blog updated with everything going on. Whenever I think, "I wonder how the Goodworths are doing?," I can always find out. It's just so handy...thanks!

K said...

Wahoo! Glad the counts are going the right ways!
Love to you all,

Burton Family said...

That is so great!! I am glad that he is doing so well this time! How are you feeling?

Aziza said...

Thanks for writing this.