Thursday, August 17, 2006


I love toddlers. I am especially smitten with toddlers in dress-up clothes. Something about their swagger, and the glint in their eye that tells everyone who sees them that they really ARE Superman, or Batman, or a Doctor, or a Cowboy. Today we went for a long walk along the river near our house. The path leads to a playground, our city's downtown area, and the library. Drew was insistant that he "be SU-Per-MAN." He wore his shorts and shirt, along with red rubber rain boots, about 2 sizes too large, and a piece of fleece that I turned into a 'cape' several weeks ago on a whim. I had this extra fabric, and I had 3 boys who wanted capes, but only one 'official' Batman cape. So, I pinned two corners of the fabric together, and it makes a fantastic cape. It has been worn constantly ever since I made it. (Although, I'm not sure that safety pinning a square of fleece really counts as 'making' anything).

It was so fun to see Drew's little heart swell with pride everytime someone asked him if he was Superman. He would nod his head proudly, and look at me with a knowing smile. It was darling!

And, really, how often do you see a REAL Superman in the library?

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