Friday, August 18, 2006

A new corner has been turned.

Something that has been a bit suprising to me as the mom of four boys, is the amount of errands I have to do. I could go to some sort of store for something everyday. If someone hasn't outgrown their shoes then we're out of food. Or, if we have groceries, we're certainly out of toilet paper. I try to remain organized and do all my shopping at once, but there is always some errand that needs to be done.

Today, we were at Target - which we spend a LOT of time at (not to mention $$). I always always put Nate and Drew into the cart. We usually get the big, red, two-seater. This cart has the perfect layout for boys to fight. Why on earth they decided to create a seat in which the toddlers face one another and have to share this tiny bit of leg space is beyond me - whoever invented it obviously didn't have children (or at least children like mine). But today was different. Today, Nate and Drew begged to not go into the cart. SuperDrew (yes, he wore his cape again all day today) said, "we be good Mommy, we pwomise." So, I let them try it. All four boys walked beside me while I pushed a regular cart. It was fabulous! They did so well. Nate and Drew stayed by me the entire time, even walking down the toy isle without any meltdowns or wandering off.

I feel elated and sad all at the same time. I guess I knew that they wouldn't have to ride in the cart forever, and it was nice to push a 'normal' cart. However, it means they are growing up, and they aren't my 'babies' anymore. My big boys still call them "the babies"! I can't believe 3 years have passed since they came to our family!

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