Thursday, August 10, 2006

I really am here!

I am just going to pretend that I MEANT to wait several months until my next blog. :-) Life is pretty good here. Last Saturday we took the boys to get their photos taken. I am embarrassed to admit that my 3 year old twins have only had professional pictures taken twice in their little lives. And one of those times they were only 6 weeks old! The time in-between, when they were about 2, it was a disaster. They both cried and wouldn't stand still, and we ended up with sub-par photos that have never really made wall-hanging status (but you always feel like you have to buy SOMETHING!) I was dreading the experience. For one, it's always expensive. Just getting four little boys decked out in respectable clothing breaks the bank. This time, however, it was worth it! When we walked into the studio, and I met the guy who was to take our pictures, I knew it would go well. He was so great with the boys! He joked around with them and got them to sit right where he posed them. We ended up with so many great photos that I had a hard time choosing. We ended up with one large one of all the boys together. Then we got a close up of each boy - he just captured each of my children so beautifully! I also got a special picture of Matt in his suit because he was baptized two weeks ago. And I got a photo of Nate and Drew hugging each other with darling expressions on their faces. I am SO pleased that we got some great pictures. We bought a lot because we know that good photo experiences don't happen every time!

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Katie said...

Can you scan them so we can see them?