Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It's a good thing little boys are washable!

Today was a day that I meant to get all my laundry done. In fact, I started this morning washing sheets (Will got a bloody nose in the night). I scrubbed and scrubbed, but couldn't get the stain out. Finally I washed the sheets with a double dose of liquid bleach. The blood was gone, but the sheets are now several shades lighter. I then turned my attention to some muddy socks. My boys use their selective deafness skills when I am repeating my mantra, "please don't go in the yard in just your socks." So, I am forever scrubbing filthy socks. Today's batch was not going to come clean, regardless of the amount of bleach used, so I just ended up tossing them.

Midway through my morning, I am walking down the stairs with a basketful of laundry when I hear a "crash" and then Nathan begins crying and repeating, "I sowwy Mommy, I sowwy I bweaked yow cwock." Somehow, my clock had become part of the boys 'bad guy' game and Nathans head had shattered the clock. Of course I couldn't care less about the clock! I ran to Nate and at first didn't see anything. But then he turned his head and the other side of his head was dripping with blood. I quickly carried him upstairs to the kitchen and began dabbing the blood away. It was clear that at least one of the gashes would need to be stitched, and I was worried about slivers of glass that might be remaining in the other cuts. I called my friend who rescues me every time I have a crisis (how come HER kids never end up in the ER..........?). She came right over and Nate and I headed to the hospital. Luckily, once the doctor got the wounds clean, it was not as bad as I had feared. Two of the gashes were fairly superficial and didn't require any stitches. The third gash, did need to be repaired and today I learned that staples are not just for office use anymore! I was so suprised when they brought out this staple gun and just stapled his 1/2" gash together! Nate was so brave. He didn't cry through the entire ordeal. Afterwards I took him to the hospital cafeteria where he modeled his staples for some old ladies, and we ate a bite of lunch.

This evening, after the little guys were in bed, Matt and Will and I were outside cleaning off the patio. Due to a project that I started, but never finished, we had some pieces of sod on our patio. The grass had all died, leaving big piles of dirt. In attempting to clean this off the patio, the boys and I got FILTHY. Really, we were all soaking wet, with mud everywhere. When we were finally done with our messy project, I sprayed everyone off, and we went to shower.

I am just so thankful that Heavenly Father made boys infinately washable! I stuck Nate in the tub after we returned from the hospital and the blood just washed right off. No staining - and no bleaching required! This evening, washing a ton of mud off two little boys and their mommy took little more than a garden hose and a warm shower afterward.

Today's clothes, however, might not have survived our adventures!

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Katie said...

Oh my gosh! I am more than a little bit scared reading your blog, Allison. I only have two boys, but we've been lucky enough to not end up with stitches for them yet---much less staples! I hope Nate heals quickly!