Thursday, December 11, 2008


12:00 - The nurse said they had just started. We're not sure exactly what that meant. :-) Ordinarily we receive calls saying they've just opened, then that they've just reached the tumor, then that they're just closing. Based on the next call, we think she meant they had just started the resection (rather than just opening)!

2:45 - We hadn't received any updates, so we had the waiting room nurses call for an update. The nurse said they were just starting to close and Matt should be moved to the PICU in about an hour. She said he had remained very stable throughout the surgery. All of his vital signs had been excellent and he hadn't needed any blood products - all good things! Now we just wait to speak with Dr.Walker and find out exactly how he felt about everything and how much tumor he thinks he was able to remove!

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