Friday, December 12, 2008


This is the working of the PICU. Matt was scheduled for scans, 'sometime this morning.' Sometime this morning is actually 1:00 in the afternoon. We finally go down to scans around 1:30. Then, we didn't hear results from Dr.Walker until about 4:30. It's as 'in the morning' as the PICU ever gets! :-) Not that I'm complaining - just explaining so you all don't think I've abandoned you.

I can't believe how much tumor Dr.Walker was able to remove. He really did get out all he could see and cleared out all the most sensitive parts. We feel so incredibly blessed that this was able to happen - and that Matt seems fine! He's still been sleeping a lot. The surgery was right in the hypothalamus and so Dr.Walker feels the extra tiredness is to be expected. Matt has been up and talking. He has enjoyed sitting up and ate dinner (chocolate ice cream first, vegetable soup with crackers second).

Now for the sort of bad/surprising news. Because of the angle Dr.Walker was at during Matt's surgery, there was a portion of tumor that he could not see. You can totally look at the direction he came in, and see why this particular small section would have been invisible. Dr.Walker removed all the difficult parts to remove - in the most sensitive sections of the brain, and he thinks the remaining tumor would be much easier. He wants to go back in...... on Tuesday. He will use the same incision - made just a little larger/longer. It seems like the thing to do. I can't see any advantage to waiting until Matt is all the way healed and back in school to do this again. Dr.Walker likes the idea of the incision being still new and everything being fresh and easier to open up again. I can't even imagine how giddy I will feel knowing Matt is TUMOR FREE! So, this afternoon presented another unexpected turn of events. We'll spend the weekend thinking about this and praying that we are making the right decision for Matt. Dr.Walker will come back on Monday, having discussed things with the other neurosurgeons in his group, and having thought about things, as well. But, it sounded pretty much like another craniotomy will be happening on Tuesday! Oh, and by the way, we explained things to Matt and told him that Dr.Walker wanted to perform another craniotomy. Matt didn't even hesitate to tell us that he agreed. He is very excited, as well, to be able to say he's tumor free!


Chellebelle said...

We know about the PICU all too well! Well I cannot tell you how relieved we are to hear that he is doing well! We are shocked they are going back in but are sooo excited at the idea of him being tumor free! How exciting---it actually made me cry! (I am so pregnant!) Anyhow, we will be praying for you like crazy and again, please let us know if there is anything you need! We are just 30 minutes away!

Love, Michelle-Chris-Mason Falk

Ruth said...

I know you do not know me. I just read your blog (most of it) and my heart just aches. My 9 yrold has medullablastoma. I know other children with this terrible monster but only one other that is LDS. I can't explain how bad it hurts to see children suffer. I am glad your son is doing well and you sound like you might be near the end. Somehow I feel like you understand how I feel. I know there is a plan for our children but it is like you said early on in your blog, a blink, and life is changed forever. God Bless you and I hope, no thats not right, I pray for continued blessings to your family. (I am not sure ours is finished either so your news about a little one is great) Please if you have time read our blog,
it is not as sophisticated as yours but you can see my 5 children there. I wish I understood all of the plan for us here on the earth but I hold on to the hope that someday I will. We already have a little one waiting for us, stillborn, and wonder at all the celestial children in this day. Ok, I might be rambling, Good luck on Tuesday and know that we will pray for you. (it is the glue that holds us together)

EmilyCC said...

Tumor-free! Now that's a Christmas present to look forward to! Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers.

Just dandee said...

Oh Alli. What a tremendous blessing. Tumor Free! That has got to be the BEST Christmas gift you could ask for. We will definately keep Matt in our prayers that all will go well. Love you.

Christina said...

Good luck tomorrow! I'm glad things went so well and hope he can get the rest of it out.

By the way, I love the photo of your boys and the tree. They're so good-looking!

The Uffens Family said...

We're elated to hear that things are looking so good. Matt is such a fighter! We're planning on attending at Jordan River this week, and will add his name there. (and congrats on the new one as well - hopefully it's going smoothly so you only have to worry about a few things at once!!)