Friday, December 19, 2008

Slowly Stabilizing and out of ICU!

This morning, when Warren and I went in to see Matt, we learned he had just been moved out of ICU! We were pretty thrilled. His sodium stayed in normal ranges and was slowly coming up all night. Woooo-Hooooooo! So, he is back on 'the floor' and seems to be resting well and feeling well. His confusion is a lot better, as is his short term memory.
Right now, we are waiting for him to stabilize while taking his DDAVP. They've been holding that because it further concentrates the urine, and would make the low sodium problem worse. He tends to run high, though, because of his DI, so we need to make sure he is stable on the medications he will be receiving daily at home. He just got his first dose a little while ago, so we'll see what happens. Hopefully all goes well, his body adjusts, and we can go HOME. It feels frusterating and hopeless to be stuck here. I have this child who seems like he feels well, looks well, and isn't hooked up to any moniters or anything. We're anxious to get out of here (not that the cafeteria food isn't great............). ;-)
This morning Primary Children's had an AWESOME little concert in the foyer. Jericho Road performed. It was really incredible to hear their uplifting harmonies in such an intimate setting. We are totally buying some of their music! Afterwards, we went up and met them. Matt really enjoyed their songs - especially Homeless from the Forgotten Carols. That's one of his favorite songs and he was thrilled to hear it performed so well.
Here is a photo of Matt with the group.


Adventures of Diana said...

oh how fun for matt! I'm glad he got to see them. I went to byu with one of those guys.
I'm glad things are still going well. By the way, who has been watching all the boys this whole time???
I miss being there!

Just dandee said...

I am so glad Matt is doing so well. How fun he got a photo with Jericho Road. I too enjoy their harmonies. Hope you can get home soon and that your holidays will be wonderful.

Jacqui said...

So cool! Jericho Road is awesome...I have a couple of their CDs. That's cool they came to perform. We're praying you'll be home for Christmas. We love you! I put Matt's name in at Logan temple last night when we were there. I'm sure he's one of the most prayed for little boys right now.