Monday, December 15, 2008

Amazing Matthew! Fourth day post-op.

Matt is in a regular room now, and we totally scored! This room has a private bathroom (the ones across the hall are shared), a rocking chair, AND a COUCH that sort of unfolds and creates a bed. It's a big improvement over the sleeper chairs we're used to!:-) Matt has had a great day of resting. He only requested pain medication about 30 minutes ago. I am amazed, once again, at how quickly he recovers from brain surgery, and how little pain is involved. For both dinner last night and lunch this afternoon, he has requested that we take him down to the cafeteria. I think it does him good to get out of his hospital room. Dr.Walker also gave the order to remove his 'brain drain' i.e. External Ventricular Drain, since it's not really putting anything out.
Here's a picture of him about 48 hours after surgery. He's still in ICU here. The amazing blanket was made by our friend in Naperville, Lisa. It's cotton on one side, and minkee on the other, machine quilted with two coordinating fabrics around the edges. Matt sleeps with it every night and I love that it's so cozy and comforting while he's here in the hospital.

Dr.Walker has been in several times to see us to discuss Matt's next surgery. It is going to be on Wednesday, rather than Tuesday. We talked a lot about the potential side effects, and the fact that Dr.Walker doesn't feel like he is going to be able to get out every last bit of tumor. This part of the tumor surrounds a very vascular area that controls large motor function - specifically the legs and feet. Dr.Walker is going to be very cautious around that area, and feels like there will almost certainly be tumor left there. Hopefully, radiation will take care of the rest! for this surgery, he is going to go right through the bony part of Matt's forehead and between the hemispheres of the brain. Dr.Walker says he won't even have to go through any brain tissue since, apparently, the hemispheres will separate during surgery. I think that's AMAZING!


Laura, Tyler, and Emma said...

Again I am glad that things are going well! I love you Ali, I will for sure put Matt's name on the Temple Prayer roll in Ogden when I go next week! I love you!
I can't believe you are having another baby and right at the same time as me! How are you feeling?

Christina said...

It is amazing! You've been in my prayers. Matthew's got such a great attitude!

Jacqui said...

Yey! I'm so glad you post and keep us updated. Please remember we are here if you need anything...Good luck and get some good rest between now and then. I know how those hospital beds/chairs can be.

Jessie said...

Wow. The brain is fascinating, isn't it? I'll have you in extra prayer-mode for tomorrow's surgery.

Just dandee said...

Wow! The brain is truly amazing. I am so glad things are moving forward so well. Matthew is an amazing kid. So positive. So strong. We'll keep you in our prayers.