Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I can't believe little Jake is almost FIVE months old! He is still such a sweetheart - he smiles and giggles almost all day. He sleeps through the night, loves to hang onto toys, and loves to play with his big brother's. Here are some recent pictures of our little sweetie.

I have never had a thumb-sucking baby until Jake. It melts my heart! He readily calms himself by popping his little thumb in his mouth. I love the way his fingers curl around his nose. This blanket is his current favorite - made my our friend Lacey. She also made blankets for Nate and Drew that also were the favorites - she's got the touch!

Taken a few weeks ago. I love this one because it shows off his coloring. He is such a sweet baby!


Anonymous said...

what a cutie! Loving the hair.

April J. said...

My fifth was our first thumb sucker. It is adorable. Especially when they are upset and pu their thumb in their mouth with big alligator tears. Your boys are gorgeous. It seems like just yesterday you were sharing the birt of your baby, time does fly!

Jessie said...

Milo was my thumb-sucker. It was great, until he weaned himself at 6 months. I think it was because he learned to crawl and got his first teeth right around that time.
Jake is adorable! Can't wait to see him again.

Carl and April said...

Ha-Na, our second was and is our thumb sucker. She loves her thumb an it is her great comforter. Now it is a constant battle to have her stop and it breaks my heart because I really love seeing her do it, when she does she still looks like my baby. Jake is sooo cute.

MoziEsmé said...

He is soooo cute!

Hope things are going ok with Matt - he is in my prayers.