Sunday, March 30, 2008

Here's the other side to our sob story!

Although we have been feeling upset and depressed about the current news regarding Matthew's tumor progression, I thought I would take a moment to reassure you that, in our day to day life, even we have to remind ourselves that anything is wrong!
Matthew is doing and feeling so WELL 95% of the time. Just two weeks ago we took the whole family skiing (well, Jake didn't ski..... and I was there mainly as photographer, but everyone else skied and had a wonderful time)!
This was Matthew's second time skiing this year - he enjoyed this time more than last. The first time he went, he spent the majority of the time on his bottom. This time he was complaining about going, but we finally talked him into it, and by the end he was really enjoying himself.

Here's a video of Matt and Will following their instructor down 'Little Beav'. Will is in the front, in the orange coat, and Matt is in the blue coat.

Will, waiting for his class to begin:

This was sort of a funny moment. Before the day of skiing began, Matt was not very happy about being there! He was whining about wanting to 'go home' or 'just wait in the car'. We finally talked him into skiing, but he was still not happy about it at all. Around the lodge, there is a gentle little slope with benches. We sat the boys on the benches and helped them get all ready for skiing. The other boys made it down the little slope without incident, but Matthew didn't want to slide down. Eventually, we convinced him to 'ski' to us. He started down the little hill and was just howling. He forgot to snowplow and crashed right into Warren - who had braced himself to stop Matthew! We didn't mean to laugh, because Matthew certainly didn't think it was funny, but we couldn't help ourselves - it was hysterical! :-)

Here is a video of Will skiing down the aforementioned slope before Matthew.

Nate, just being cute!

Nate and Drew waiting for their blissfully unaware instructor. At this moment he didn't realize his next several hours would be spent attempting to keep two 4-year olds upright on skis. He did a wonderful job with the boys, but I believe he earned his money!

So, as you now can see, our life is really pretty 'normal' right now. We are doing our best to keep things fun and light and optimistic. I read somewhere (probably my PBT (Pediatric Brain Tumor) message board, where I get LOTS of wisdom from parents who are further along this journey than we are) that there's no point in saving a life if you won't allow the person to LIVE that life. I often want to shelter Matthew and to keep him away from experiences that are challenging for him or where he has the potential to get hurt. However, I have to realize that there will likely be a time when he IS too sick to do these things. I don't need to cut them out during a time when we don't have to! For those of you that don't see Matthew each day, please be reassured that he is busy living and the cancer treatments are only a small part of his full and active life!


EmilyCC said...

Look how fun you guys are! I have to ask--how long does it take to get 5 boys suited up for snow?

Burton Family said...

It is wonderful to hear about the fun times you have as a family! We know that you do some fun things because you came to a basketball game with us and let me hold your baby!! But we do tend to dwell on the hard things about you guys-because that is mostly what we hear about. We appreciate so much you sharing your lives with us and keeping us informed and up to date about what is going on-the good and the bad! We love you all and pray for you always.

Susan said...

Hey Allison,

I got your blog site from the PBT list, I think I've dropped by before?

Anyhow...I'm the mom of 5 sons also, one with a brain tumor as well.

It's so nice to meet you.

I'll be praying for you guys now. I'll keep checking up on you too.


Michelle said...

I just updated myself on the last MRI. You are so positive and it seems like Matt is doing well with the Chemo.

We just think the world of you guys and are praying for you! Please let me know if I can do anything for you all! I hope you know we think of you all of the time! :-)

Take Care! You are amazing!

Lindsay said...

You are my idol. With everything on your plate you still make time to go out and have some real fun with the kids. Your positive attitude is inspiring. We're coming to Utah to visit mid June (12-18). My brother is getting married in Timpanogos. Will you guys be down there anytime during that period?