Friday, April 25, 2008

Round 1 - COMPLETE!

On Wednesday, Matt and I made our last treck to Salt Lake for this round of chemotherapy. He had his 2nd 'push' of Vincristine (meaning, they push it through his line - so it's IV rather than oral). Each time we go to the Hem/Onc clinic, I am startled how someone so sick can look so healthy (especially compared to many of the other children)! He seemed particularly well Wednesday and was just kicked back, playing gameboy when the doctor came over to chat while the nurse administered the chemo.

Now we just wait for side effects! Several weeks ago, the first time Matt received this medication, he had some pretty severe jaw pain and some drooping of his eyelids. Luckily, the side effects were short lived. He needed IV fluids for a few days - the jaw pain made it difficult to eat or drink, but the Monday after his infusion he felt fine again. Vincristine is nasty, toxic, stuff - no wonder it kills cancer! Matt's platelets have started dropping and were at a 45 - he needs a transfusion at 25. Everything else looked pretty good, though. His ANC was still in the normal range, but had dropped pretty dramatically from where he started.

I'm quite anxious for the next round. The first round is always the easiest. It takes 2 or 3 rounds before you get a sense of how the child will handle things. We go back on the 6th of May to start this whole adventure over again. Then, the first part of June will be MRI time again!



Jessie said...

Wow, Alli (and Matt, of course), what a lot to go through. You're attitude is an inspiration. Let me know if you even need to drop some kids off at my place on your way to SLC. I'm totally willing.
Lots of love to you and your family - especially Matt!

Jessie said...

Oops..."you're" should be "your" - so make that little change in your mind.

Sheila said...

I am so glad [Round 1] is done. I too was amazed when my son-in-law went through his chemo and looked good...even thought he didn't feel good when the side effects hit...he tried his best not to let it affect his attitude. He was a trooper and it sounds like Matt is too. toodles, Sheila

Christina Bartholomew said...

Glad you made it through Round 1! Matt is such a trooper. I wish you had a longer break before round 2.