Friday, April 04, 2008

Good Times with Good Friends

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Let Your Light So Shine!

These are my girls!
I believe this was 1994/1995 school year (Back row) Anna, Rachelle, Erin, Jessie, Heidi (Front row) Deanne, Me
Just for the record, we all DID HAVE DATES. We wanted a photo with just the girls, as well as one with our dates. :-)

I will always be grateful for these girls in my life! It's surprisingly comforting to be surrounded by friends who knew me when I was a spazzy, emotional teenager with big hair - they liked me then, and still like me now! They know me completely - the real me, not the current, trying to be a grown-up me . We were together everyday for about 4 years. After singing in a show choir together in 9th grade, we formed our own singing group: Harmonique. The six of us (plus my mom, who devoted countless hours as our accompanist, and Erin who played the bass) kept ourselves quite busy rehearsing new music, practicing old music, and singing at everything from fairs, ward parties, high school choir concerts, seminary, firesides and many MANY sacrament meetings. My mother wrote much of our music - including the song 'Let your light so shine' that we recorded in 1995, and our seminary theme song 'Feast Upon the words of Christ'. We also double dated a lot and were basically inseparable. I owe these girls my high school life - they were such good friends at a time when good friends are essential. I believe that these friends helped shape me into a better person than I could have been without them.

Even now, I count these girls as some of my closest friends. Today we got together and had a good, old-fashioned sing-a-long at my moms house. Rachelle currently lives in Chicago so wasn't in attendance. Also, Erin had to work and so couldn't join us, either. It is especially amazing to me when I realize how many children we have between us - 5 1/2 girls and 17 BOYS! That is 22 (and 1/2) children..... WOW! That idea would have been difficult to wrap my mind around at the time the above photo was taken!

Here we are today singing, 'My Love' (a song my mom wrote). I feel bad you can't really see everyone - wasn't it great of me to stick myself front and center? :-)

Here's a photo of the children - only about HALF of them!

And here are 'the girls' - I don't think we've changed too much in 13 years! :-)


Jessie said...

Aw, Alli. It was a magical day and I'm still beaming today because of it. We were/are so blessed to have each other. It's hard to believe that after 15ish years, we still can get together and feel so familiar and comfortable and happy together.
I also give credit to "the girls" for shaping me, and I thank you for some of the strengths I have as a woman.
Let's do this more often!

Polly said...

That is so fun to get together. I had the same thing - some great high school friends that are still the best friends I have! (but I'm not about to post any of my "big hair" pictures!! - you're brave!!)

Dan and Dee said...

Oh Alli. What would we be like if we hadn't had each other? I too am so grateful for those times and that we are still great friends after all these years. We have got to keep this up! Can you e-mail those pictures? Please Please PLease!