Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Our landscaping saga continues

My sweet husband, Warren, is a firm believer in the Labor Day holiday. He thinks it is meant as a weekend to labor. Each year, we end up tackling some massive house project that we've neglected throughout the rest of the summer......because it was just 'too beautiful to stay home.' This year, while we were out enjoying our weekends, the front of our house just got worse and worse until at last, something HAD to be done. Last week we got going, and this Saturday, we woke up at 6:00 a.m., determined to make some headway on our yard. We decided to pull the red bushes out, and thought that would take all day. Well, luckily for us, it did not take all day. In fact, they were out by 8:00! So, we decided to forge ahead with our project and see if we could get some DIRT delivered. See, the right side of our home has settled quite a bit. The ground slopes, and was so low that the base of the porch didn't touch the dirt. This has been creating a perfectly cozy hideout for the rabbits that plague our neighborhood, eating any plants we might have had remaining in our landscaping. So, I call the dirt guy, give him the measurements of our beds, tell him what we need to do, and he tells us we need 10 yards of dirt. Of course, since we don't deal in quantities of dirt on a daily basis (unless you could what we wash off our boys every evening in the tub), we had no idea if 10 yards was a large bit of dirt. Well, let me tell you, it is a LOT of dirt. A whole dump truck full, to be precise. W-A-Y more than we needed, or could possibly use. My wonderful husband moved dirt for 12 hours straight! I would like to say that I was a lot of help, but, really, it was him who took wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow to each of our flower beds, around every tree, and everywhere else we could think to dump some. Eventually, we decided to shovel it out onto our front lawn. We have a sloping spot, where the grass always dies, so we decided to fill it in, and re-seed over it. The result is: two front beds that are way too tall, 1/2 of a former lawn covered in dirt, no bushes, flowers, or other plants, and an absolutely filthy driveway and walkway still covered in several inches of dirt.

Today I called some professionals. :-)

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