Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My babies are in school!!!

Yesterday Nate and Drew started preschool. They were SO excited to finally be heading to their own school. They kept wanting my reasurrance that 'pwe-skool is not for mommies'. I had to repeat each day that they would be going to preschool without mommy. Preschool is just for little boys and girls. I think they were really worried that I was going to cramp their style by staying with them. :-)
They both did so well. I was a bit worried because Nate has been going through a phase where he cries when we drop him off at the nursery at church. School was different, though. He was happy and excited to be there. I could tell from his expression that he was a little nervous, as well. But, no tears. They have each marched in with their class with no glance back at their mommy. It's strange that the very same experience can make you want to smile, and cry at the same time.
Nate outside his school on the first day 9/6/06

Drew outside his school on the first day 9/6/06

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