Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Messy Munchkins (and me)

When my boys take my otherwise clean kitchen and make it look like this:

And this: (For the record, this is one evenings worth of homework, toddler play, scripture study, paper airplane making, cookie eating, and puzzle doing. I'm not sure the photos do justice to the total chaos and disarray and STUFF everywhere...... And I didn't even take a picture of what's UNDER the table)!

And I'm walking around, picking things up and grumbling to myself about those kids being better about picking up after themselves, and there are going to be consequences....... I am destined to bend over and pick up something like this:

I think Nate made my hands extra huge so that I could use them like scoops to pick up all their junk. But, somehow, I don't mind so much tonight.


Cecily R said...

Now THAT...that is just awesome. I loved every bit of it!

K said...

Perfect post! That right there is motherhood at it's most relate-able.

K said...

they sure can melt a heart, can't they?

EmilyCC said...

So cute!

And, if it helps, I can see the foundation of underlying order you created--I was impressed (would that we used baskets so effectively :) )

Jessie said...

AAwww. Man, is that a good one.

Christina said...

Beautiful post -- I'm having one of those "grrr" days today. With all the kids home all day yesterday, I think they filled every corner with messes.