Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Christmas post.

I'm not feeling the blogging groove right now. Soooooo, just watch this cool video. :-) It makes me happy! I also bought their entire Christmas album and it's a favorite this year (favorite of mine. Warren, not so much)!


Em Russ said...

My baby has been laughing at this whole video kicking his feet and waving his arms. Love it. They've had a contest on the radio here in good ole Boston that if you decorate your house with Christmas lights that say the name of the radio station and SNC (for Straight No Chaser) the best one gets a neighborhood concert with SNC. I was sorely tempted!!

Jessie said...

We just barely discovered these guys! I love their 12 days of Christmas (a song I usually skip). We don't have their CD yet. Maybe next year.

Love you guys! Have a great day tomorrow.

Jessie said...

Thanks for the nice comment. It's funny you think Eli's advanced. When they were around 4mos, I though Audrey was doing a much better job of rolling and moving around than Eli was. Eli still isn't great at rolling from back to tummy, just so you know. :)
Milo also crawled right at 6 mos. Calvin gave us a bit of a break and crawled at 9 mos. To each his own.