Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pebble Creek - Feb. 13, 2010

WARNING: You will never get these ELEVEN minutes of your life back. Also, you might not be as entertained by it if you are not a Goodworth, Bray, Haderlie, or Richards...........



Jessie said...

How in the world do you make such cool videos and how long does it take them to upload?

Man, I've got to get my kids skiing! I've been skiing like 3 times ever, and each time had at least a year between them, so I basically don't know how to ski - and I feel sad and lame because of it. Even Louie knows how, and he didn't grow up near mountains! Argh.

K said...

That totally rocked! THANKS for an enjoyable look back at a really fun weekend! Love you!

alligood said...

It's all about ski lessons, baby! My boys ADORE it. It's sort of what we do (well, not me, I think I went with you those 3 times). Warren is an avid skier. Beaver mountain has some awesome kids programs, but your boys are still a little young for them. You also have to commit to getting to the resort every Saturday which can be a pain!

And about the videos....... we have a Mac. It makes cool videos. It makes us happy. :)

Katie said...

What a fun bit of happy, snowy family bedlam! I love it!

(You are lucky you have a husband who can participate in athletic activities without ending up in surgery!)