Monday, June 30, 2008

More Blessings!

Yet another miracle this week! Yesterday morning, they let Matt go home. He is doing wonderfully. We were able to help him shower on Saturday - isn't it amazing how much better you feel when you are clean?!? For his last Craniotomy we requested they shave his entire head. It was very convenient to keep his incision clean. This time we sort of were thrown into the whole major surgery thing rather quickly, so he kept his hair. It was so SKUNKY! They use this gunk to slick the hair away form the incision during surgery, plus they clean the site well with iodine, plus they put numbing cream on the drain site, plus he had 2 IV's in his head during surgery, plus he had several circles shaved off his head for the 'markers'. His hair was disgusting! It was so nice to finally wash everything out (very gently, of course!) When we rinsed it the first time, the water was rust colored from all the crud in his hair - YUCK!

That was a little tangent - sorry! So, Saturday Matt really did well. He was up and walking by himself, with no support! He was using the restroom, eating well, and just amazing everyone around him with how well he was feeling. In fact, I bought him a 300 page book the day before his surgery. He read a bit that morning while we were checking into surgery. He read THE REST OF THE BOOK in the 3 other days he was inpatient! On our first walk after surgery, Matt was in a wheelchair and we were taking him out onto the patio for some fresh air. Matt was reading his book while we walked the halls and we passed the Neurosurgery team as they were doing their rounds. They were all shocked that Matt was reading - it was pretty funny!

So we are home, just letting Matt rest and get better through this week. He is feeling very well and I keep having to force him to lie down and rest. Now we wait to figure out the next step in our 'plan'. Hopefully it will involve continuing chemotherapy since it seems like that is working. Then, maybe, we can keep radiation 'in our pocket' until we absolutely have to use it.


Burton Family said...

That is such great news!! It is just so wonderful to hear that he is doing so well. He is obviously such a strong little boy, both physically, and spiritually and emotionally-it is just impressive to see how well you all are handling this. (though we know how hard it must be)-We are so happy to hear that he is home and doing well- we love you all, and continue to pray for you

EmilyCC said...

More happy news! Hooray!

Karen said...

YYYYAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!! What great news! I am so excited that he is doing so well. What a blessing this has turned out to be. I will continue to pray for him and you all as well.

belmomma said...

that is so great! I'm glad things are going well, and I'm also glad that he was able to go to his camp before all of this happened!