Thursday, June 19, 2008

Too much STUFF!

So, I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed at the amount of updating I have to do on my blog! Summer is in full swing and we've been busy.

*We spent a weekend helping Warren's mother get some stuff cleaned out of her house.

*We went to LAGOON with some friends. The boys loved it and it turned out to be a fantastic time to go.

*Warren's mother got MARRIED!! She was widowed almost 7 years ago and we are so thrilled for her and her new husband. They seem very well matched and very happy.

*We went on a family vacation to Deer Valley. It was just our speed, we hung out together, played board games, saw the Park City sites, ate junk food, swam in the hot tub in our condo, and slept in. It was a successful trip.

*We travelled back to Idaho after the wedding and our Deer Valley trip to be with Warren's mom for her reception.

*Our landscaping contractor finally started our landscaping - a week or two and we will have real live GRASS!

*Matthew and William are currently at 'Camp Hobe' an amazing camp for children with cancer and their siblings (I linked to the page with the video - it's worth a watch!)

*Matt had an MRI and we learned that the solid portion of his tumor appears stable, but the cystic component has grown.

*We received a call from the neurosurgeon's office yesterday, letting us know that the O.R. has been reserved for Matt for next Wednesday (the 25th) We don't know all the details yet, but it looks like Matt will need a shunt inserted to help drain the fluid through his 3rd ventricle.

For having nothing scheduled so far for our summer, it's been pretty full and is almost 1/2 over! How does winter go so slow and summer go SO FAST?!? I will try to post some photos of our adventures soon!


MoziEsmé said...

Wow - you have been busy! Here's praying the OR procedure goes well next week.

Jessie said...

Those are some big updates! I didn't realize Warren's mom was a widow. I'm glad she found someone to love, how nice.
What a nice family vacation - staying local and just relaxing. Perfect.

I also hope everything goes well with the O.R. visit.
Lots of love to you.

belmomma said...

looks like a great camp, I liked the video. Good luck with next week - we'll be praying for you all

Michelle said...

Just got are such a strong person! I really struggle with your situation because we know what it is like to feel like the doctors are dropping the ball for your cancer child! It is not fair, and it is really frustrating! We will be praying extra for Matthew now the procedure and please do not hesitate to call if you need ANYTHING while you are down here! Seriously!!! :-)