Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Quick update.

Dr. Lemons (Matt's oncologist) called today. I wonder if doctors know how much it means to parents when we receive calls at home from them? When any of our doctor's call us personally, they get HUGE POINTS in my book! Anyhow, we talked about Matt's surgery and about 'the plan'. At the next tumor board, Dr.Lemons will present Matt's case and they will decide on chemotherapy agents and discuss radiation. Dr.Walker (the neurosurgeon) said it looked like the chemo was working (YEA!) since the tumor had pulled away from the ventricles and seemed more solid than it had last year. For this reason, I like the thought of Matt remaining on chemotherapy. However, which chemo has been working? He was on Temodar for 6 months and has only had 2 rounds of PCV..... It seems much more likely that the Temodar was the one affecting his tumor. I think that some kids are on PCVT (so Procarbazine, CCNU, Vincristine, and Temodar all at the same time). We'll just have to be patient and see what they recommend!

So, in about 4 weeks we are going in for another MRI to get a baseline of the tumor. This time frame gives any swelling a chance to go down, so we can get a true look at his brain. At that time we will begin chemotherapy again. I am quite excited, though, because this break means Matt gets a gift....... a whole month of SUMMER without worrying about treatments or trips to the hospital. Wooo-Hooo!

Matt is still feeling great. He had labs drawn today and everything was perfect. He didn't want to nap today, and he didn't even take a Tylenol! He insists there is no pain and based on his behavior, I really believe him.


Burton Family said...

That is so great! It is so nice to hear such positive info. from you guys!!! What a gift-to have some summer! I hope that he continues to feel good, and that you guys can really enjoy it! -by the way-Alli-what are you doing up at 2:55a.m.? Try to get some sleep! We love you all-and continue to incude you in our prayers-

April J. said...

Such good news! I just read the initial story of finding out and I culdn't help but tear up. What blessings you have seen!

MoziEsmé said...

I'm so glad he's feeling well! And praying the good news continues.

courtneynielson said...

so so happy for the season of great news you've been having! i'm thinking of you ALL the time.
love, courtney

Ben said...

Wow! Amazing miracles for you and Matt. Prayers are definately working. We are so happy for you.

Karrianne said...

That's wonderful! I'm so happy for him to be feeling well and getting to enjoy some summer! I hope he has a wonderful month of playing, relaxing and all those things a summer break is for. :)

Laura, Tyler, and Emma said...

Okay, I am all caught up to speed! I am so glad he is doing well! That is fantastic about all they were able to remove from the surgery! I'll be praying! I just loved learning and reading about all you are experiencing, though wish you weren't. Thanks for inspiring me in directions I need!
Keep posting!
Love Laura