Friday, May 30, 2008

Spring Sing

Well, Matt did make it to his 'Spring Sing' yesterday - but just barely! I went to the first part with him and then left to go to Will's first grade program. Warren stayed with Matt. It was HARD for Matt, and hard for us to watch. You could just tell that he didn't feel well, but he had wanted to go so badly. He made it through the program and then bolted to Warren and said, "Dad, can we go home, I don't feel very good". :-(

Today has been the same as the rest of the week. He has been terribly weak and terribly tired. I'm anxious to speak with Oncology tomorrow. He hasn't eaten anything all week and doesn't even have the strength to get out of bed. I've been searching online for ways to help kids cope with chemo, and they all seem to refer to the symptoms we've been seeing for the past 9 months - mild fatigue, food tasting 'off', etc.... He seems much worse than that and I think I'm going to push to have him seen tomorrow. They need to look at him and tell me these symptoms are "normal"!


K said...

I'm sorry Matt's having such a rough go of it lately. I hope you are able to get him seen---and they're able to give him some relief.

Sheila said...

How hard is it watching your child suffer. I feel for you and Matt. Remember that Heavenly Father doesn't like to see him suffer either... that's a hard one because people tend to think... oK if that's the truth then heal him. I am thinking about & praying for you. toodles, Sheila

Karrianne said...

Matt and your family are always in our prayers. I truly hope he starts feeling better. What a trooper! wanting to stay for his whole show. He's one amazing kid!

Karen said...

Poor Matt, I feel so bad for him. I am so sorry that things are so rough right now. I am anxious to hear if you got him in to be seen. I will continue to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Let me know if I can help in anyway. Hang in there.
You are an amazing family.