Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I am so thankful for my sweet little boys. I will be so sad when my mother's day gifts no longer consist of paper flowers and struggling little plants in paper cups. My boys give me their gifts with such earnest love and pride, it makes me cry every year. The four older ones each made me surprises at school. Here is a little video of them telling what they did.

When Will brought his wheat grass home Friday, he dropped it. He was just devastated! Luckily, Warren was able to help him salvage the plant and put it all back together. Then, on Mother's day, while Warren was helping organize the boys, Will dropped it two more times. It is truly a miracle that it still looks as good as it does!
And lest you think Jake was left out of the day's festivities, here is a photo proving he was here...... albeit sweetly asleep on Warren's chest.


K said...

Your boys have the sweetest little voices! Happy Mother's Day!

Sheila said...

How wonderful are your little men? I know you think they are wonderful and after I watched this video and all the work they put into their gifts and presentation I have NO doubt that they are wonderful and they love their Mother. toodles, Sheila, NV
ps. thanks for sharing

Christina Bartholomew said...

So Sweet -- love the video! What an elaborate flower arrangement!

Jessie said...

So sweet! Nice paper flower bouquet - wow!
I can't wait until my boys bring me home things like that. It will totally make me cry too.
You are a good little Mommy, Alli.

Carl and April said...

My kids were with me when I checked your blog and they loved the video and insisted I show them all of the videos on the whole blog. They were highly entertained and loved seeing their second cousins.

Dan and Dee said...

Your boys are too wonderful. Being a mom, especially of little boys, has so many priceless moments. And... that picture of Jake asleep... ahhh it does get much sweeter than that.