Friday, May 09, 2008

Can you believe Jake is 6 months old?!?

Jake is cracking us up lately! It is so fun to watch babies personalities emerge. He is six months old today and he does so many things! It's amazing that so much change happens in only a few short months.
Jake now:
*Sits on his own.
*Eats some solid foods.
*Sleeps all night (7pm-7am) and takes 2 awesome naps a day.
*'Talks' to us all. He shrieks with joy which always thrills his big brothers.
*Grabs toys....... and anything else within his reach - we have to be careful!
*Drinks out of a sippy cup.
*Does the 'scooty bug'. This is him arching his back (while lying on his back), then pushing with his legs to scoot across the floor or his crib..... backwards.
*Wears 6-9 month clothes.
*Has two bottom teeth. He is my earliest teether, by far! My other babies didn't begin cutting teeth until 9 months. Jake is very advanced....... :-)
*Smiles at everyone. He is very social and whenever we are out, people can't help but comment on his sunny personality.
*Is very attached to his 'lovey'. It's this little bunny, but the body is this super soft satin on one side/fuzzy on the other little blanket. It's hard to describe! As soon as he sees it, he gets all excited. He reaches for it with his right hand, while his left thumb goes into his mouth. He strokes the soft blanket part of the bunny and holds it close to his face while he falls asleep. Oh, look, I found a link - isn't the internet amazing! Jake's bunny blankie

Here is a video of Jake's new habit. Each time we give him a bite of food, we barely get the spoon out of his mouth when his thumb goes in! It makes a huge mess, but just proves how attached he is becoming to his little thumb!

One more video I can't resist! This is Jake this morning playing with one of his Christmas toys. His brothers are so thrilled with their new, interactive, little brother! Here, you can see Drew helping Jake.


Jessie said...

What cute videos! And great ball-popping toy. We need to come up there sometime and say hi.

Karen said...

What cute boys you have. I can't believe your little baby is 6 months already. I love the picture you posted on the top. HANDSOME BOYS!
Hope Matt's counts come up quick so you can get the chemo over with! Hang in there!

Michelle said...

Hey there! I just got updated on your blog. I am not sure when Matt starts Chemo again, but we are praying for him like crazy! He has so much faith! What a great example he is to me!

I have a picture for you! Thank you so much for coming down to Canvas for Cancer! I am sorry it was so crazy! :-)

You guys are amazing and we just think the world of you! Keep fighting and know you are in our thoughts and prayers!

Mindy said...

very cute videos. Drew is a very good big brother. Kay would have taken over that toy and not let her younger sibling touch it.

Christina Bartholomew said...

He's adorable! I'm so glad he's sleeping through the night and being such a great addition to your family.

Dan and Dee said...

What a cute little man. I too love that age. What handsome boys you have. Hope we can all get together again soon.

Karrianne said...

Alli! We have that same toy (in the bottom video) AND Kadan has a blanket VERY similar to the bunny one, except his is a horse (the head neck and front legs are on one corner and the rear tail and back legs are on the other corner). He used to be extremely attached to it to sleep with and it always made him laugh... now he tries to ride it. There's a 3 year old for ya.

P.S. I started a new blog for all my random personal thoughts and such